I visited the historic houses this week with Altadena Realtor

$55. Dec. 25. I visited the historic houses this week with Altadena Realtor Dhari Thein; her mom savecelinebags.com, Pasadena civic activist Christle Balvin; and Susan Nix, whose Altadena son, Matt, is creator of the TV series “Burn Notice.” All of the houses are grand, historic and yet unpretentious. Though not high in town, not abutting the San Gabriels, the two on Altadena Drive and the one on Mendocino remind you of another reason to move to Altadena: the views down to the entire rest of the Southland. That view is apparently why James McFadden, who built the huge Holliston Avenue manse on the tour, with its unreal eucalyptus wood paneling and sweeping sleeping porch, for $70,000 in 1913 after selling Newport, Lido and Balboa islands for $35,000, chose his lot: On a clear day, he could see the beach from there.

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