AVB desperately needs striker Andre Villas Boas will be taking

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Celine Outlet We don’t know how far they will go while as we know City no longer have that problem.But I expect United to go all the way in the League. They have the quality, they have the experience and they will bounce back from this.AVB desperately needs striker Andre Villas Boas will be taking a huge gamble if he doesn’t bring in another striker before the end of this transfer window.Yesterday’s match showed us all the lack of depth Tottenham have up front, especially with Emmanuel Adebayor away at the Africa Cup of Nations.In fairness to Jermain Defoe, he is starting to look more of an all round striker. But I’ve not been sure about Adebayor even before he left.He has been ordinary this year, coincidentally since he has picked up his contract and he now is secure at the club.But with Defoe sometimes he can score for 10 consecutive games and then he might not score for five. Celine Outlet

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