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A Perth councillor has revealed an apparent media outlet “blacklist” at the City, as West Australian Premier Mark McGowan considers options to sack besieged Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi.Councillor Reece Harley will move at Tuesday’s council meeting that the chief executive investigate journalists from Perth Voice and Post Newspapers, who had not got responses to enquiries for more than a year.WAtoday journalists have also had the City ignore legitimate and reasonable media queries on multiple occasions.The news follows that last month of the Lord Mayor pressing City councillors to sign a statutory declaration to say they had not spoken with journalists at The West Australian.Cr Harley wrote on his public Facebook page on Monday that community newspapers appealed to him against the City’s apparent blacklist.”Lloyd Gorman of Post Newspapers has submitted questions to the city on at least ten issues over the last twelve months without any response,” he said.”David Bell of the Perth Voice has submitted questions on at least sixteen issues over the last few years without any response.”Queries have been forwarded to the CEO and relevant Director replicachristianlouboutinsale.com, but the practice of refusing to respond to media enquiries from these two newspapers seems to be continuing.”He said the principle underlying the motion was that of open and transparent government, and the right of the press to cover important issues without hindrance.”The City of Perth should be committed to leading the local government sector in WA in the areas of transparency, disclosure and public accountability. Members of the press must be able to receive timely responses to reasonable questions from the City’s administration in order to carry out their important role of keeping the Council and its staff accountable to the people whom we serve.”Post journalist Lloyd Gorman said while some of his questions to the City over the past year could be seen as politically charged or sensitive Christian Louboutin, the bulk had been about normal matters that would be routine for any of the seven councils The Post also covered.He said when the City’s boundaries expanded last year to include most of Subiaco’s south ward, about 3000 of its readers found themselves in the City of Perth without being asked about it or being given a choice.”The boundaries of Perth might have changed, but not our readership or circulation area, so everything that still happens in and around UWA, QEII and Kings Park is still of interest and relevant to our readers,” he said.He said the takeover had posed issues and problems for locals, residents and businesses alike that the newspaper had attempted to cover, such as parking tickets at Broadway Fair.”Apparently Subiaco had always approached enforcement of two hour ticket parking in a different, softer way to City of Perth, which got hold of the area and its officers went hard on handing out tickets,” he said.”There was also the issue of a clash of al fresco dining rules for local cafes, who found themselves in conflict with City of Perth rules.”They were given a temporary reprieve while a review is being carried out but it is unclear what will happen to them.”So there are a lot of really important, local issues which need to be addressed and by not responding to questions from The Post we think they are doing their own ratepayers a disservice.”Meanwhile, the saga of Lord Mayor Scaffidi’s position continues ahead of this week’s State Administrative Tribunal decision on whether she will face disciplinary action over 45 alleged travel related breaches, five of which she has admitted.The Local Government Standards Panel on Wednesday sanctioned Cr Scaffidi for improperly using her position to allow an eleventh hour no confidence motion against her deputy James Limnios last year.Premier Mark McGowan then wrote to Cr Scaffidi indicating he believed her position was untenable, which Lord Mayor Scaffidi said was “politics at its lowest” and the Premier had no power to sack her.Mr McGowan told media on Sunday that after the SAT decision the government would “work out what options are available”.”I don’t have the ability to just sack an individual. Clearly that needs to change,” he said.”This has been a soap opera that has gone on for too long.”The City of Perth is dysfunctional and broken and the best way to resolve the impasse is for the Lord Mayor to stand down.”Clearly the process under the Local Government Act is too cumbersome, time consuming and difficult and needs reform.”We have a big legislative agenda already.

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